Attention Business Owners!


Silsbee Downtown Revitalization is sponsoring a wreath decorating contest for Downtown Business Owners!  A local business owner has supplied us with 12 green artificial wreaths, and Silsbee Downtown Revitalizationis supplying 13 more to provide our 25 downtown businesses with a blank canvass for their front door.  These 25 businesses are those that are located in the immediate location of the historic downtown area, but any business may decorate their own wreath and we will be delighted to include you in all of the publicity!




Business owners may use this as an opportunity to introduce your business to Silsbee!  Use creativity to create a wreath that describes what you do in your business.  You may decorate the wreath any way you wish, as long as the wreath is not damaged, with items such as jewelry, lights, pictures, flowers, candy, tools, supplies etc that describes your business.


Then hang it on your front door by December 2, before Christmas in the Big Thicket (sponsored by The Friends of the Library) and the lighted parade.


On December 17, during Dickens Downtown, (sponsored by SDR) the people of Silsbee will be invited to visit each business to see each wreath and vote on the most creative and descriptive wreath.  The winner will receive a prize of more beautiful decorations, and will be featured in all of our publicity. Each store's wreath will be pictured on Facebook for everyone to see.


At the end of the contest, SDR will collect the wreaths  and store them for what we hope will become an annual event!


For more information, contact us at 409 233 3850.  There is no entry fee--we want everyone to participate and get in the spirit of Christmas in Downtown Silsbee!



Christmas Wreath Contest