Silsbee Downtown Revitalization's

3rd Annual Christmas Tree Contest



Any business, organization, group or individual may enter a Christmas Tree in the Christmas Tree Contest.  The winner will be selected by ballots on December 17 during the Dickens Downtown event in Downtown Silsbee and will be awarded a prize, as well as publicity on our Facebook page and in any newspaper articles and possible other news organization. The trees must be labeled with the owner's name and displayed with the tree.  A very large amount of drive-thru traffic surrounds these trees each year, so they will be seen by a large amount of people.


To Enter:


1. Read the attached rules.


2. Fill in the entry form below


3. Pay $25 Entry Fee online or by check


4. Have your tree decorated and in place by December 1, 2016


































































































These Rules must be read and the agreement box checked on the entry form, or signed and returned to Silsbee Downtown Revitalization with the Official Entry Form SILSBEE DOWNTOWN REVITALIZATION STEERING COMMITTEE’S THIRD ANNUAL “Christmas Tree Decorating Contest”.

This contest are as follows:


1. Either individuals or groups may decorate Christmas trees.    Examples of participants may

include youth  groups,  adult  groups,  civic  organizations,  school  groups,  school  classes,

church groups, business, or families. The event is limited to one entry per person or group.

There is $25 entry fee. The submission of a completed Official Entry Form is required.

Incomplete or illegible forms will not be accepted.


2. Tree, decorations, tree stand, electrical cords will be provided by the participants. There are electrical outlets available on the pole next to the Gazebo.


3. Trees must be anchored to the ground to prevent them being blown over by stakes.  No anchoring rope, stakes etc, may be placed in such a manner as to cause a tripping hazard.  Trees will be placed in a PVC pipe which will be buried in the ground and anchored.


4. Christmas decorations should not contain hazardous  items,  including  but  not  limited  to  tiki torches,  gas-powered generators or other flammable objects.


5. Decorations must be designed for outdoor display and constructed to withstand all weather conditions.  If fresh produce is used, participants should replace as necessary.


6. Silsbee Downtown Revitalization will not provide trees. A 5' to 7’ live or artificial tree should be used.  Creativity is allowed and anything outside ordinary or

questionable should be presented to the Silsbee Downtown Revitalization Steering Committee

for approval.


7. Decorations must hang on the tree, not sit alongside the tree or be held up by any means other

than the tree itself.


8. When designing your decorations, please remember this is an event for children of all ages. Decorations may be funny, quirky, etc., but must be in good taste.  Silsbee Downtown

Revitalization Steering Committee reserves the right to reject or remove any entry that fails to

meet these standards or that is otherwise unacceptable or inappropriate.


9. Each  participant  should  provide  a  sign  no  larger  than  18”X18”  to  identify  the

individual, group, organization or business who decorated the tree.


10. Participants must maintain their Christmas tree from the time of installation through the announcement of the winner, which will decided by ballot on December 17, 2016 during Dickens Downtown event.  While participants must maintain their entries, they may not make any substantial changes or modifications to their entries after installation. Silsbee Downtown Revitalization Steering Committee may, from time to time, make minor repairs if we feel it is necessary,  however,  participants remain ultimately responsible for ensuring that their Christmas Tree remains in  presentable  condition  and  as  originally  installed.  Any entry deemed to be in poor condition will be removed.


11. Silsbee Downtown Revitalization Steering Committee is not responsible for any damage or loss to any decorations at any time before, during or after the Christmas event.

12. Trees will be decorated during the time between Thanksgiving Day and be completed by Friday, December 2nd. Participants must complete an Official Entry Form.

13. All Christmas decorations will be entered in the competition.  Each entry will be judged against all other entries and will be placed  number of votes by ballot.  The winner will be announced during Dickens Downtown on December 17, 2016.


14. Winners,  participants  and/or  images  from  the  contest  may  be  posted  on Silsbee Downtown Revitalization’s website and Facebook page, and in media.


15. Participants agree to display and maintain their  Christmas  decorations through December 25. All decorations must be removed by January 3rd 2017.  Participants  are  responsible for removing their decorations.  Silsbee Downtown Revitalization Steering Committee is not responsible for decorations that are removed after January 3, 2017.



No entry fees or money will be refunded once the fees are paid. Entry forms can be printed and filled in, then mailed to Silsbee Downtown Revitalization, P.O. Box 1284, Silsbee, TX 77656 with payment, or filled in online at

Checks ($25) to be made out to Silsbee Downtown Revitalization.


All Entry Forms Must Be Received by Silsbee Downtown Revitalization Steering Committee by December 2, 2015 by 5:00 p.m.    For more information, call 409 233 3850

Silsbee Downtown Revitalization Christmas Tree Contest


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