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We welcome Food trucks, food vendors and vendors who sell gift items at Dickens Downtown!  This is an evening event, and all vendors will need to light their awnings and sales area, preferably with festive Christmas lighting.  The theme for the evening calls for Dickens style costumes and music, horse and buggy, riders on horses, strolling carolers, and our downtown area will be beautifully lit with tons of Christmas lights as well as our Christmas Trees in the Christmas Tree Contest.  Like the Prowl, we will expect a large crowd--bring plenty of food--all but one of our food vendors at The Prowl ran out of food early.


If you have the choice to sell food or items that lend to the spirit of the evening in Victorian England-- turkey legs, sausages, wassail, hot chocolate, or lighted items such as hats this would probably sell very well!


To enter, you can enter AND PAY online below, or you can mail a check to us.  For more information, please call 409 233 3850.  Dont forget, food vendors will need to be inspected prior to the event by the Department of Health.  The information on this is below.

Register and Pay Now

Fees for Dickens Downtown:

For profit business: $30

Non-profit business $10



Mail check to

Silsbee Downtown Revitalization

PO Box 1284

Silsbee, TX 77656


409 233 2850

Vendor's--More Below

Health Department Guidelines and Requirements for Food Vendors


In conversation with the Health Inspector, we learned that the Hardin County Health Department is very supportive of community vendors and events such as The Prowl 2016. They know that food vendors may be individuals, booster clubs, community organizations, and full blown restaurants with varying levels of knowledge of food prep regulations.In order to provide a safe environment for all who attend The Prowl 2016, the Hardin County Health Department has asked that we pass along information to help you prepare for their inspection on the morning of the event.

Hardin County Health Inspector, ReJena Bolton (409-246-5188) will begin inspections of food vendor booths at 9:30am.



Need to bring with you the day of The Prowl:

1) Print out Festival Form attached to this email. Fill out form and have your permit fee ready to give to the HEALTH INSPECTOR the day of the event. They will take cash or check. Your permit will be issued on the spot. Silsbee Downtown Revitalization is NOT involved in this transaction.

2) Read and follow the Self-Inspection Checklist attached to this email to know what the Health Inspector will be looking for in your booth and prep.

3) Please call the Hardin County Health Inspector, ReJena Bolton at 409-246-5188 for any questions you may have. We do not deal in health regulations and cannot answer your questions.


Main points the Health Department wants you to know is:

1) Prep of cutting veggies, etc. can be done and sealed at another location

2) Cooking MUST be done on the premises that day due to food storage regulations (BBQ that is prepared on a pit for long hours is an exception to this)

3) Gloves MUST be worn at all times

4) Handwashing and utensil cleaning bins is a MUST. You can put together a makeshift handwashing station with a 5 gallon cooler full of clean water, antibacterial soap, paper towels and a catch basin. Liquid hand sanitizer is NOT sufficient for those handling food.

 Thank you for participating in The Prowl and helping us keep the community well with safe food handling practices!!

These are the two health department documents for vendors.

Please open and print and bring them to the Prowl

Festival Form

Self Inspection Checklist